BBC - The Real Happiness Project - Children react to strange animals

Filmed and edited | 2017

We're on a mission to bring real happiness to as many people as possible by improving their connection to the natural world. We got a group of children to watch video of animals and try and guess what they are!


Filmed and edited | 2017

Accessorize LFW AW17

Filmed and edited | 2017

Top Gear - Stigmas

BBC Top Gear | Co-directed, filmed and edited | 2016

Stigmas Pudding

Stigmas Turkey

O Stigmas Tree

Monsoon LUna - JAson Vale THE JUCIEMASTER

Monsoon UK | Filmed and edited | 2016

Chococalte and Orange Power Blend

goji berry, blueberry and coconut power blend

Creamy chilli and tomato soup

Lime Green Smoothie


Aviva | Filmed and edited | 2016

How much is the State Pension?

How do I claim State Pension?

What age can I retire?

What is a pension?

State pensions explained

What is an Annuity?

How can I retire early?

Annuity or lump sum?

Types of pension

What is a Pension Credit?